Vibration Monitoring and Condition Monitoring

Portable Instruments

Analog Vibration Meter

Portable analog vibration meter is proven for industrial applications with an easy to read accurate display.

Digital Vibration Meter

Portable digital vibration meters are proven for industrial applications with easy to read & accurate displays.

Bearing health checker

Portable analog vibration meter and bearing health checker (Spike Energy Detector) used by serious vibration analysts.

Vibration Smartmeter

This advanced instrument measures machinery vibration in displacement (microns), velocity (mm/sec).

Vibration Analysers

Vibration Analysers combines the communication features with FFT analysis, balancing, data collection

Portable Calibrator

The unit is designed to be used in the field to verify the performance of vibration sensors, connectors, cabling, instruments.

On-Line Monitoring Systems

API 670 Microprocessor based Protection Monitor

API670 compliant Machinery Protection Monitor is a high integrity system for turbine supervisory and balance of plant vibration monitoring.

Machinery Protection & Signal Transmitters

Machinery Protection Transmitter meets the needs of most industries as it provides a reliable and cost efective way to monitor and protect equipments.

Loop Powered Transmitter

It derives power from the DCS and is preferable to the loop powered accelerometer. There is flexibility to mount it either in a panel, or in a junction box or via DIN rail mounting.

Environmental Noise Transmitter

This has applications in almost all industries and locations where knowing the sound level is crucial to occupancy and health & safety of the area.

Sensors for Vibration, Turbine Supervisory & Stator End winding Monitoring systems

Inductive Velocity sensor

The Inductive velocity pickups with a strong output of 764 mV per inch per second and works nicely up to 240 degree centigrade with up to 1000 meters of cable length.

Smart Diagnostic and Trending software

Smart Diagnostic and Trending software

It has been designed to provide complete suite of capabilities needed - Data analysis, storage, trending, FFT and a variety of plots and analytics with auto diagnostics.

Others Tools

Vibration condition Monitoring Training and certification ISO18436

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