Field Instruments

Pressure Transmitter

A Pressure Transmitter is an instrument connected to a Pressure Transducer.

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential Pressure (DP) transmitters measure the difference between two pressures.


A thermowell consists of a tube closed at one end and mounted in the process stream.

Temperature Transmitter

A temperature transmitter is a device that connects to a temperature sensor to transmit the signal elsewhere for monitoring and control purposes.


RTD sensors with thermowells are designed for processes where corrosion, pressure, abrasion or shear force may threaten the life of the element.

Tank Gauging

Tank gauging means liquid measurement in large storage tanks to determine product volume.

Guided wave Radar

In level measurement with guided wave radar, microwave pulses are conducted along a cable or rod probe and reflected by the product surface.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauge, instrument for measuring the condition of a fluid (liquid or gas) that is specified by the force that the fluid would exert.

Differential pressure gauges

Differential pressure gauges measure the difference between two pressures.

Temperature gauges

The liquid filled temperature gauge relies on liquid expansion for temperature measurement.


Fire alarm annunciators are used to pinpoint the trouble spots, and help the staff monitor the entire building.

Diaphragm seals

A diaphragm seal is a flexible membrane that seals and isolates an enclosure.


Analyzer panel in which gas analyzer instruments, sampling devices, and control devices are installed.

Gas Detectors

A gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system.

Gas Chromatograph

A gas chromatograph (GC) is an analytical instrument that measures the content of various components in a sample.

Conductivity level switch

Conductivity level switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid level.

Float level switch

Float level switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific liquid level.

Flow switch

Flow switches are mechanical devices used in controlling the flow of air, steam, or liquid.

Magnetic float switch

Magnetic float switches utilize a magnetic reed switch, which consists of two contacts sealed in a glass tube.

Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic level gauge is a most reliable instrument where direct level measuring is required.

ML Gauge & Transmitter

Magnetic level transmitters are perfect for tanks in remote locations

Reflex Level Gauge

Reflex level gauges are designed to detect the difference in refractive indices of vapor and liquid.

Tubular Level Gauge

Tubular Level Indicators gauges are externally mounted to the vessel and use tubular glass to provide direct visual verification of the liquid level.

Tuning fork level switch

Tuning Fork level switches are sensors with an electrical contact output at a specific level.


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